The Torchbearer by J. D. Matheny

The Torchbearer by J. D. Matheny

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In the brightest of places, darkness still lurks.
A dark fantasy and psychological thriller with supernatural and mythological elements. The native people of Fiji know not to go near the small, uninhabited island to their North. There’s a grim history there that they haven’t completely forgotten. Jacob Daniels is warned against it, but he and his companions don’t put weight in superstitions. All they want is a few hours of fun alone in an unspoiled paradise.
But some Myths should be taken seriously. A brutal act of violence will lead Jacob on a desperate flight through a landscape haunted by shadows of a deadly past. When his own mind threatens to turn on him, will he know who, or what, the real enemy is?
The only answer waits in the dark heart of the island, but to find it, he’ll have to confront an ancient enemy he comes to know only as The Torchbearer.

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