Flat Earth by Guy Stanton III

Flat Earth: Evidence To Consider If You Dare To by Guy Stanton III 

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“So you believe the Earth is flat?”
“Yes, I do.”
“How on Earth have you come to such a conclusion? Are you crazy?
“My conclusions about the Earth being flat are based on both observable science and as a man of faith, I believe that the Bible is also a proof for a Flat Earth.”
“Do you not know how ridiculous people will see what you’ve just said as being? I mean belief in a Flat Earth is akin to throwing the entirety of science as we know it out the window isn’t it?”
“I’m well aware of how ridiculous people will view my stance on the subject and indeed I was once one of them, so I can truly empathize with where they’re coming from. As to science, if all the science you’re relying on to tell you the nature of things is faulty wouldn’t you agree that it’s time to throw it away instead of continually perpetuating out a falsity and indirectly lying to future generations and thus stifling their ability for personal and academic advancement?
“Well, yes, I would, but…..”

“Well, that is exactly the case. I through my research and now as a matter of belief believe that the Earth is flat or at least something close to that. Are you on the other hand, as a believer of the NASA centric view of earth in terms of it being a spinning spheroidal shaped globe able to state the same in terms of belief?”


“Okay, then could you explain what it is that you believe to the audience?”

“Well, I, umm….. what exactly do you mean? I mean I’ve seen the pictures like everyone else and well, it’s just obvious that the earth is round. Don’t you think?”

“Is it really that obvious to you? Could you maybe offer up one way in your everyday life something pops up to remind you how roundly shaped and quickly spinning the earth beneath your feet is?
“Well, I ah……. let’s see ……umm nothing is immediately coming to mind, but it doesn’t have to because there are far smarter people than me who have all the details and have seen space and so forth. Just think of the eyewitness reports of the astronauts and even people who put satellites into orbit for example.

“So what you’re saying is that your entire belief system of the earth, as popularly portrayed by NASA, a government agency and other corporate space organizations, along with secular based scientific theories are the basis for the entirety of your belief system being what it is in regards to the earth and everything that lies beyond it?
“Yeah, I guess so.”
“So if this is the case for you then why are you so prejudicial in judging me for having my own belief structure based off the facts of nature that I can see along with the reality that can be verified by countless Bible scholars both past and present that the Bible is a Flat Earth supporting document in its statements upon the subject?”
“I’m not quite sure actually, when you put it that way.”
“Do you think maybe it’s because me believing as I do somehow puts your own belief structure into question and so reflexively your responding in defense of something that you hold onto more as a personal belief than something you’re actually able to verify to me as to why you believe it in terms of actual facts and substantive evidentiary input other than to say that you believe the narrative and content given to you by others?”
“Do you think there might be a chance that something you’ve been told by someone you trust could actually be a lie?”
“I suppose that could be possible. Such things do happen in life.”
“Yes, they do. It is my belief that is exactly what has been done and not just to you, but to me once, as well, indeed to everyone listening in on this broadcast.”
“So exactly why do you believe that we, indeed everyone, could be in the process of being lied to by the governing authorities that we’ve put in charge of informing us of such matters of science as to what the shape of the earth is and really our entire understanding of the cosmos at large?”
“Well, thank you for asking. It just so happens that I’ve written this b..

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  • Posted: 01/24/2019 04:37


    Flat Earther's always seem to think the proof of a planetary earth is from nasa, or the Columbian age of exploration, when in fact if far older and more widespread than that. If you want space science we have several nations who have put men and satellites in space, etc, not just NASA. Scientists of every nation in various specialities can offer you proof of their own knowledge it's not some US Govt/ NASA thing. If you want older and simpler proofs, all the educated Europeans of Columbus day already knew the world was round based in the science of the ancient Greeks (Many flat earthers think everyone thought the earth was flat prior t\o 500 years ago but this is untrue) Some eastern science older than the greeks proved it as well.