The Fossil Record by John D. Morris, Frank J. Sherwin

The Fossil Record
by John D. Morris, Frank J. Sherwin ePUB

The debate over Creation-Evolution-The Flood- Invertebrates-vertebrates-Creationism-The Creation-Noah and the Flood-Reptile and Amphibians- is thoroughly addressed in The Fossil Record. The Fossil Record examines the evidence to determine which world view-Creation or Evolution-presents the most accurate portrayal of earth s early history. Evolutionists rely on fossil records for support of their theory, but what does that record really reveal? ICR geologist Dr. John Morris and zoologist Frank Sherwin unearth the evidence of earth’s history and conclude that the fossil record is incompatible with evolution, but remarkably consistent with the biblical account of creation and the great Flood of Noah’s deluge. The Fossil Record is full of scientific proof that a lay person can read and understand. The Fossil Record is a great Sunday School, Bible Study, and Home School resource. It is full of scientific evidence and facts but a sharp 10 year old can read and understand.

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