Fur Coat, No Knickers by Anna King

Fur Coat, No Knickers by Anna King

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Grace Donnelly, a successful secretary in the City of London, lives with her parents, her two young sisters – the vivacious Violet, the quieter Polly – and her indomitable grandmother, Aggie. With her fiance, Stanley, away fighting the Germans, it is up to Grace and Aggie to pull the Donnellys through when their parents are tragically killed.

And there are more than the Germans for Grace to worry about.

The good-looking Nobby Clark is keen to be more than just lookout for his best friend’s fiancee. And scheming barmaid Beryl Lovesett is determined to worm her way into the family home, seducing Grace’s uncle with her fur coat, no knickers…

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Categories:   Fantasy, Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy