The Portal and the Veil by Ted Sanders

In the third book of Ted Sanders’s Keepers series, Chloe, Horace, April, and the other Keepers return, only to discover that their talismans of power may be dying out. Now the race is on to save their way of life—and the world as we know it.

Horace F. Andrews and his friend Chloe have worked hard to master their talismans of power and keep the world safe from the forces of evil. After rescuing April from the dangerous Dr. Jericho and the sinister Riven, they discover that it may have all been a setup—by one of their own.

When they return to confront their mentors, Horace and Chloe discover that Brian and his powerful artifact have been taken by someone they thought was their friend. The Keepers must free Brian and recover the important relic before its power can fall into the wrong hands. Reunited with the oldest Wardens for help, Horace and Chloe discover the true conflict at the heart of the long war between the Keepers and the Riven. The answer may destroy the way of life they’ve worked so hard to build— and the Keepers themselves.

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Categories:   Fantasy, Fiction


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