Try To Remember by Carla Cassidy (ePUB)

Try To Remember (Romantic Traditions #3) by Carla Cassidy ePUB


Every night, Dr. Frank Longford had watched the beautiful stranger pace the beach. Every night, he’d felt more inexplicably drawn to her. And every night, he’d wondered who she was….

Now she was here, under his roof, tantalizing him with desire. And still he wasn’t any closer to the answers. She was his dream woman–and she couldn’t remember her own name.


All she had of her past were elusive, terrifying images of fire and a crying baby. Only Frank could chase the nightmares away. Only Frank could make her feel safe. But before she could hope for a tomorrow with him, she had to unlock the secrets of yesterday….

ROMANTIC TRADITIONS–Classic tales, freshly told. Let them touch your heart with the power of love

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Categories:   Contemporary, Fiction, Romance Books


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